What Does the PTO do?

If you’re new to PTOs, new to Fairview Middle School, or new to Fairview in general, you might be wondering: what does the PTO even do? Our mission statement is pretty simple: we want to enhance education and community in our schools every year. We do this through fundraising, teacher/staff and student funding for activities and needs the district doesn’t cover, and we look for opportunities to promote and celebrate our great community here at Fairview Middle School!

Student Events

Every year, the PTO puts on a variety of events. Typically, a year includes several student dances, a carnival, a big end of year celebration, prizes for PBIS at the school, and even a Holiday Bazaar, along with a variety of fun fundraising activities that give the kids a chance to set goals and earn prizes.

This year will look a little different due to COVID, but we’re still planning on doing lots of fun events for our students – just in different formats.

Staff Events

The PTO also works to keep teacher morale high and support our staff so they can come to FMS every day and give their absolute best to our students! This can come in the form of Teacher Appreciation Week, new teacher welcome gifts, the occasional catered staff lunch or breakfast, etc. Our teachers often volunteer at PTO fundraisers like dances and the Holiday Bazaar, too!

Fundraising & Volunteering

We accomplish all of this through fundraising and volunteer work – that’s where we need you! Our Board is made up of just 5 members, and there’s a lot for us to do! We have a number of committees that you can volunteer for, and we also ask for help in passive fundraising (just click a few buttons and you’re done – no soliciting, no donation of your own required!)

Funding Requests

Finally, the board works to provide funding for special needs or requests by the school. For example, in 2020-2021 we’re beginning to look into a new electronic sign for the school (FMS is the only school without an electronic sign), or new scoreboards for the gym.

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