Teacher Faves

NameClassroom NeedsFavorite Beverage
Caryl AvenaGirls and boys socksSparkling water/ Coffee
Stacie BatsonSmall Note PadsCoke Zero
Linda(Sissy) Brinkleyn/aDt. Dr. Pepper
Rebecca Browncandyvanila coke or cold brew coffee with duk'in creamer
Debra BufaliniDie cut letters, warm decorUnsweetened Tea
Andrea BurwickNASweet Tea, Dr. Pepper, Flavored Coffee & Water
Tim Campbelln/aDr Pepper
Jenny ClarkN/AMello Yello or Snapple Lemon Tea
Carrie ColemanN/ASonic Water with Lemon & Raspberry Flavoring
Elizabeth DawsonStand up sit down desk for 2 screensIced Coffee
Katina EdnacotpencilsMt Dew
Stacie Elkinshanging file folders, dry erase markersflavored water
Tani EscandellElectric pencil sharpener, glue sticks, scissors, colored pencilsNehi soda found at Food Saver in the front drink cooler
Maryann Frankglue sticks, tissuesCold: Sweet Tea Hot: Chai Tea
Nancy Gilbertglue sticksLipton Diet Green Tea or Starbucks iced caramel frappachino? (WalMart)
Kevin Goddardpapertowels, tissueCoke
Owen GrimensteinPBS stuff-fidgets, candy, etc.Dr. Pepper
Barbara HallCap erasers candy for treatsPeach water or Strawberry Limeade
Cathy Hartersharpened pencilsBai - any flavor but coconut
Lynette HayesOutdoor playground equipmentDr. Pepper Zero/Coconut water
Noel Hennigerdecorations/postersDr. Pepper
Joanna HenryHeadphones/Earbuds, Hand held pencil sharpenersDr. Pepper
Lee HigdonPencils, glue sticks, notebook paperSweet Tea
Tiffany Holtn/aCoke Zero or iced coffee
Gwen HudlowN/A maybe pencilswater or unsweet tea or coffee (no diet or artificial)
Susan HughesColored dry erase markers/cleanerWater, coffee- any la croix type drinks, typically plain black coffee but I love it iced with almond milk
Adrienne HulanWorkers, hahaSweet tea/ water
Olivia HuskeyPencils, tapeDr. Pepper
Kristy JonesHeadphones or Earbuds, Pencils, Pens, Post it notes Coke zero or Diet Cherry Limeade from Sonic
Duane KazeeN\APepsi
Lisa KennedyPost-Its, "classroom noise machines" light coversCoke Zero
Kristen KightBottled water, Teddy GrahamsSweet Tea
Ron KingBlack Dry Erase Expo MarkersDiet Coke
T.J. Kingpencils, erasersMellow Yellow
Lisa KochWord games, high interest books/novelsCoke
Marguerite LassanBaby wipes, tissues, paper towelsStarbucks bottled frappuccinos, all flavors/Dunkin' Donuts hot Dunkaccino/McDonald's Caramel Frappe
Matthew LawsonNoneGatorade Zero/ Sweet Tea
Shannon LilesColor paperUnsweet Tea
Alicia MangrumN/ADiet Dr Pepper
Crystal McCordExpo markers, erasersLa Croix, Coffee
Russell McElroySnacks like Goldfish and Cheez its and Fruit snacks, etc...Water (with Mio ((watermelon lemonade flavor)) and unsweet tea)
Karen McRoyLarge paper clips, rubber bands, tape, Versa Tile Kits, fidget spinners (2)Unsweetened Iced Tea w/Fresh Lemon
Lindsey Nelsoncard stockCoffee
Danielle PolicariPencilsLemon Perfect (Pineapple Coconut flavor), Green Tea
Abigail RoesslerPencils, Eraser Toppers, CandyPeace Tea Just Peachy
Annette RoseKleenexDiet Sprite or Diet Ginger ALe
Nicole Segelkepost-it notesArnold Palmer (unsweet tea/lemonade)
Emily SheridanWet wipes, tissues, paper towelsDiet pepsi, Dr. Pepper Zero
Rebecca SingerPre-sharpened pencils, large yellow envelopesIced latte or regular coke
Christina SouthworthPencil sharpener, pencilsCoffee
Joe SulateskeePost itCoffee
Alfred TakopPaper Towels and KleenexSprit
Erin Terrycolored pencils, markers, giant paper padsDr. Pepper
Jennifer Vardenpaper towels, baggies, pencilsDiet coke
James TomlinsonNonesweet tea
Tracy VaughnBlow Pops, highlightersDiet Dr. Pepper
Chris Victorcraft supplies, board games, post it notes, velcro, dry erase markers, pencilshot coffee with cream, fresh lemonade
Michelle VinciSmall disposable cups with lids, pencils, kleenexCoffee, Dr Pepper
Amanda Whiteclorox wipes and cleaning supplies for officeFlavored seltzer water/coffee
Jessica WhiteDry erase markers, small stickers, pencilsCoffee with cream and no sugar, strawberry lemonade
Travis WhitePost It NotesStrawberry Lemonade
Wendy Woodrickdry erase markersCoke, Cherry Coke
Alexandra Youngnone at this timecoffee